scope of graphic designing

Be A Pakistani it is my duty to realize everything about graphic designing to every Pakistani which is interested in graphic design or want to join this field as a professional. So first of all you want to know that how much scope or demand of graphic designing is exist in market.

scope of graphic design

So my answer is that now a days graphic designing is very important field in all over the world include Pakistan and market has too much worth and demand for good and creative designers.

I think the scope has cleared now and I want to tell the categories and fields of designing which you can join after learning graphic design.

The Major Fields A Graphic Designer Can Join:


Advertising is totally incomplete without good designers and it has most scope of graphic designing as compare to other fields because it totally depends upon designing .The advertising agencies must have a team of graphic designers which creates graphics to complete the orders of different companies. Graphic designing Jobs average in advertising is 100%.


Printing also depends on designing because every object which is going to print should necessary to design before. All the printing is incomplete without design because Design is first step of printing. It is necessary for a printing company to hire good designers for work and graphic design jobs scope is also 100% here.

Electronic Media:

Electronic media is also a good place for designers but in this field it is necessary for graphic designer to learn the skills of animation graphics because the motion graphics almost used in electronic media. Graphic designers work scope is less then above here.


Freelancing is all time best job for a graphic designer according to my point of view because in freelancing you deals almost with European people and they will pay you in dollars which will a great amount for you as compare to a job in Pakistan So as a Graphic designer in Pakistan I will recommend to join freelancing

Do you want to know about Freelancing in details

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